Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Your Mom Always Told You To Chew Twenty Times Before Swallowing

Spot the Odd Discrepancy in a Major News Story

'Darth Vader' Attacks Jedi Church Founder
Dark Lord Could Face Jail Time for Striking Back

In what may be the first intergalactic hate crime, a man dressed as Darth Vader attacked the founder of a Jedi Church in Wales.

According to reports, Arwel Wynne Hughes, 27, was wearing a black trash bag when he jumped over a garden wall screaming "I am Darth Vader!" and beat Barney Jones and his cousin Michael with a metal crutch.

Here's a hint:

How to Make the SATs Gay Friendly

"Oh my gosh," Roman said as he took off his Harris tweed coat and hung it on the wooden coat rack by the Starbucks door. "I have had a crazy day! First I went to a Naked Brothers concert at Madison Square Garden, then I caught a double feature of The Naked City and Naked Gun. Afterwards I took a cab to Times Square to see the Naked Cowboy, and then I ran home to catch 'The Naked Chef' on TV."

"Ohmigosh," his friend Marco exclaimed after he settled into an overstuffed chair and adjusted his shorts. "You've probably seen more penises today than I've seen in my entire life!"

How many penises did Roman see?

Answer: One. C'mon, you know what guys named Marco are like.


Yet Another Steve said...

At least "Trashbag Darth" looks like he died happy. Very happy.

RomanHans said...

The picture is a different kind of weird than the story, but Google Images didn't offer me much of a choice. I don't think this guy's dead, but just loooves the smell of fresh plastic.

David said...

I need to meet more "Marcos."