Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What is with those crazy Muslims? Some cartoonist draws a perfectly harmless picture of Mohammad and they totally freak out. Maybe they think they're looking strong and committed, but to the rest of the world they just look nuts. They look ignorant and out of control, like religious zealots prone to dementia. The rest of us just shake ours heads, thinking, "Dude, it's only a picture, right?"

In civilized Christian countries, we're proud to say we have freedom of speech, and a picture can't generate such an outcry. Well, unless somebody makes the apostles look gay.

A Taiwanese inventor has created a tandem bicycle where two people can cycle while facing each other.

This seems really, really stupid to me. I mean, if God had wanted us to see our partners sweaty and suffering, He wouldn't have invented doggy style.

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