Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Using Safari to upload pictures to Blogger? The odds are just slightly better that you'll win a million dollars on "The Moment of Truth" and leave with your dignity intact.

A mail carrier is credited with saving a one-year-old girl's life by catching her after she fell out of a window in Albany, N.Y. Lisa Harrell was directly beneath the second-story window when she saw the baby emerge, and next thing she knew it fell right into her arms.

The postal worker said she was standing there because she saw the one open, unattended window and figured she had to be at work.

Texas Begins DNA Tests on Polygamist Sect Children

The score so far: Mormon dudes 17, Woody Allen 6

The amazing Alex Balk found this picture:

Me, I think there's an even bigger story:

Cheney, Chaney? There's definitely something weird going on there.

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Anonymous said...

Jonesville, Jonestown, church ... wasn't there something about Kool-Aid going on there?