Friday, April 11, 2008

According to a new survey, President Bush's already historic low public approval rating has sunk even further.

Just 28 percent of Americans approve of the overall job he is doing. His previous record low in the poll was 30 percent last month. In another record low, only 27 percent are happy with his job on the economy, which threatens to enter a recession.

To put this into perspective, if he were a movie he's just slid past Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns and is fast approaching Drillbit Taylor.

The Elkhorn Valley Packing Company has issued a recall of 406,000 pounds of frozen cattle heads after it was discovered that the tonsils had not been completely removed, according to a company spokesman.

Tell you what: if it complains of a sore throat, I'll take it to the doctor. Okay?

And Roger Clemens is still passing baseball's drug tests.

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