Monday, April 14, 2008

Employees of the "Dr. Phil" television show posted bail for a central Florida teenager jailed for taking part in a videotaped beating of another teen, a spokeswoman for the show’s host confirmed Saturday. Staff members of the talk show helped Mercades Nichols — one of eight teens facing kidnapping and battery charges in the case — post bond this weekend in anticipation of having her detail the assault on their television show.

Left fuming at the prison was fellow TV personality Rachael Ray, who'd spent three hours baking a file into her Shoop-Shoop Twinkie Surprise.

Danny DeVito will woo Kristen Bell in his own inimitable style in Disney's romantic comedy "When in Rome."

Bell ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall") plays a love-starved New York curator who steals magical coins from a famous Roman fountain but soon finds herself in a bizarre situation when she is pursued back to New York by a band of aggressive suitors -- the very people whose coins she took. DeVito will play one of the suitors.

Leave it to Disney to make a fantasy like this. A short, old, unattractive man chasing after a gorgeous young woman? Hell, you won't see that outside of any bar.

A Dutch student has provoked an international incident by posting on YouTube a clip of him flashing his penis at the Taj Mahal. The student was suspended after teachers found out about the incident, which happened during a school trip to India. The school apologized to the Indian ambassador and is considering legal action against him for damaging their reputation.

The video is pretty fuzzy, but I was absolutely awestruck by the pearly-white wonder.

And the Taj looks pretty cool too.

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Yet Another Steve said...

Lordy, we must be desperate for International Incidents these days if this qualifies. Has the Taj Mahal complained? Have the spirits of Shah Jehan and Mumtaz Mahal risen up in protest, or are they, by way of exciting contrast with the media, less excitable than a chicken house into which a firecracker has been thrown?

Anyway it's not news till Paris Hilton does it. Or OJ maybe.