Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quantity Over Quality Tuesday

"I was sitting at a table at Allen & Company with Wendi Murdoch, Barry Diller, Diane von Furstenberg, Anderson Cooper and Sergey, and we were talking about tongue curling," [Anne] Wojcicki recalled. "Barry cannot roll his tongue, but Anderson Cooper can do a really complicated four-leaf clover."

When asked for comment, Cooper winsomely declared, "They're always after me lucky charms."

An Italian man returned home from work early -- to find his wife in bed with the local priest.

The angry husband stormed into the local bishop's office in Chioggia, near Venice, and demanded an explanation. Later police had to be called to calm him down, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The priest insists he was just showing the woman how Moses parted the Red Sea.

So, Dr. Phil and his wife go out to dinner. Leaving the restaurant, they're swarmed by paparazzi. Dr. Phil, clearly excited by all the attention, strolls over to the valet parking area, passing a black man who wishes him a good night.

Dr. Phil hands him a twenty, gets into the car, and starts to drive off.

Whereupon the valet taps on his window and asks him to pay the bill.

In his defense, the valet was Hispanic. Phil probably thought he was just there to trim the shrubs.

A Chinese farmer is baffled after he bought a duck that has feet like a chicken and is scared of water.

Fu said he noticed the duck acting differently, and examining the duck was surprised to discover it didn't have webbed feet. "It never went with the other ducks to swim in the river," he explained.

Fu said he really loved the duck, serving it with black bean sauce.

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