Friday, September 12, 2008

People are always writing to me and asking me to publicize their websites here. I'm usually way too busy to bother, but I just couldn't turn down the folks at Rhyme Zone. Their comprehensive rhyming dictionary is invaluable to the poet or songwriter. As a part-time poet myself, I might have spent hours searching for rhymes for "chalice," "carousel" and "bitch" if they hadn't told me there weren't any. Hell, I'd probably have the malice of a caramel witch.

Instead, I can just type in any word -- like "growth," for instance -- and in no time flat I've got a classic poem using three of their perfect rhymes.

I'm falling behind in my quest for growth
due to my affinity for sloth.
But today I met a man of the cloth
and he gave me a book by Goethe.


David said...

Wow, that is one crap-tastic rhyming website.

Anonymous said...

I thought Goethe was pronounced GERta

Blog O. Food said...

It is roughly pronounced GERta, but it's spelled.... oh, never mind!