Friday, September 26, 2008

I took part in a really great protest yesterday against the proposed bailout. We started near Battery Park, in downtown Manhattan.

There were probably five or six hundred people, with another hundred members of the press. Channel 9 news said there were "dozens." Thanks, guys! Maybe learn to count during the next commercial break. Do I need to add they're owned by Fox?

The most popular chants were "You fucked up; suck it up!" and "The bailout is bullshit; you broke it, you bought it."

The Billionaires for Bush know how to demonstrate in style. Great slogans on those signs: "No banker left behind," and "I helped create the mortgage meltdown and all I got was this $700 billion bailout."

People in costume always make a lot of impact. These guys did a terrific job. Greed kills was their message. Though I kept hoping they'd jump up and pretend they were trapped in a box.

I love this costume. Was obviously homemade, and paired with the natty suit it was kind of spooky. I'm not sure I get the point, though, since I really really love bacon.

We marched down Wall Street, ending at Federal Hall where there's a giant bronze statue of George Washington. This was around five so a lot of people were getting off work, and they seemed pretty freaked out by us. There were a few confrontations. Dudes in suits get pretty defensive when you threaten their paychecks.

Somebody stuck a sign in George's hand that said BAILOUTS ARE BULLSHIT. If he were alive that's what he would have said.

This is pretty much the message of the day.

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