Friday, September 5, 2008

Fashion Week

Donatella has been up sixty-two hours straight with her preparations for Fashion Week, and she's four pounds overweight besides. The latest in a string of phone calls certainly doesn't help.

DONATELLA: Oh, God, another model cancelled! I need six more bodies for our runway show at two this afternoon. Sanders, call these girls and see if they're available. Money is no object!

SANDERS (checking list): Donatella, these aren't models. These are diet pills.

DONATELLA: Oops. Wrong list!

See if, like Sanders, you can tell the difference between contestants on America's Next Top Model and diet pills.

a. Jenascia
b. Meridia
c. Xiomara
d. Alli
e. Zylene
f. Anchal
g. Xenical
h. Ambreal
i. Hoodia
j. Atalya
k. Acomplia
l. Lipovox
m. Furonda

ANSWERS: a. ANTM Cycle 2. c. ANTM Cycle 2. f. ANTM Cycle 7. h. ANTM Cycle 9. j. ANTM Cycle 10. m. ANTM Cycle 6. All the rest are diet pills.

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Anonymous said...

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