Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crossword Puzzle for Republicans


1. What causes global warming, with 49 Across
5. Judging from all the Palin revelations, this must be very low
9. One of Sarah's kids, or a sporting event
11. "Thinker" sculptor
12. A useless, rusty old vehicle
16. A title Palin didn't win
19. Kansas University (abbrev.)
20. After fishing, crystal meth and oil, this is Alaska's primary industry
21. What you call two cars on the road to Wasilla
25. "9/11. 9/11. 9/11. Did I mention 9/11?"
26. National Library of Education (abbrev.)
27. Indefinite pronoun
30. "Et __, Brute?"
31. Louisiana State University (abbrev.)
32. Dry as a desert
35. Where you buy groceries
37. Institute of Russian Irrigation Investment (abbrev.)
38. Street (abbrev.)
39. What Palin will be riding on after November 4
40. Some number math geeks keep harping about
41. Snorkeling attraction near the Philippines
42. With lots of this, you don't need experience
47. The feeling you get when McCain speaks
48. Common activity upon spotting a plummeting star
49. What causes global warming, with 1 Across

1. Gran Turismo Racer (abbrev.)
2. Spanish gold
3. Levi doesn't want to be one
4. Poli ___ (abbrev.)
6. To urge or impose with authority
7. How McCain lies
8. Difference between a pitbull and a soccer mom (aside from pitbulls don't make their puppies eat McDonalds)
10. Bristol's favorite movie?
14. Sarah Palin is a _____ mom
15. Either you're for it or you're _______ __
16. Medieval war club
17. Crazy theory that says monkeys magically transformed into people
18. Palin has talked to this many world leaders
22. MPAA classification
23. Body part George W. uses to make decisions
24. If something happens to her, it's time to find a girlfriend
28. Small bird with colorful plumage
29. Biblical sign of the end times
31. To feed or fatten
32. He told fables, like Mark Twain or Darwin
33. Word you say before you have sex, after "I"
34. What selfish kids scream
36. A girl's name, like Elm or Birch
37. Alaska residences
43. Alliance for a New Humanity (abbrev.)
44. Inertial Navigation Unit (abbrev.)
45. I think Palin has a kid with this name
46. ___ and hers

Answers posted tomorrow.

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