Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every Sunday this month New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority ran a train of vintage subway cars on the V line. I finally found the time to catch one, and had an amazing time.

In one car, people dressed in period style danced to old songs. Yes, that's a man on the right with a ukulele. Apparently this was considered entertainment before oxycodon came along.

The cars dated from the thirties to the seventies. My fellow trainspotters came in every shape and size.

Some people really got into the spirit of the thing.

It was hard to tell whether some people were in costume or not.

The cars all had the original advertising. How cool it must have been back then. Hard to believe subway cars were ever empty.

Or you could smack fat people with your bag.

Actually, I'm thinking any outward manifestation of masculinity would have helped this dude.

I guess people used to be better at graffiti. For a second, I actually thought a quick rest gave this guy that hot magician goatee.

I miss those days when you could advise somebody to go buy some oil and then find themselves a sailor.

Of course, some things never change. If he's got the good health, I've got the protection.

In the end, the jaunt left me slightly weepy about simpler times when Peter Pain was a name and not something I felt the day after a hot date.

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