Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, the other shoe has dropped. Ashley Todd, now out of the closet as a McCain campaign aide, has confessed that she made the whole attack up.

Question: why are big black men always invented for the fake attacks? Are Mexicans too small? Couldn't they gang up or something? Couldn't one of them be carrying a stepstool? Are we cutting them some slack because we already blame them for stealing our jobs? Norwegians are big. French are scary, primarily if you mispronounce words. Samoans are big and scary; couldn't they catch one of our innocent virgins unaware? And why is it never a gay man? (Though obviously that wouldn't have worked in this case, just judging from the poor penmanship.)

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Yet Another Steve said...

The absolute best line from the linked story: "Todd told police that while she did not remember how the backward "B" got on her face, she may have done it herself since she was the only one in the car."

No! It was, um, an angel! Yes! Or, no, wait, it's the Scarlet Letter, A because she's an Adulteress! Um, no, wait, B for Bozo!

Well I can certainly understand how she'd be hard pressed to come up with a reasonable explanation, even I can't do that, and I'm not an idiotic McCain supporter who pretends that the Supreme Court makeup won't affect me.