Friday, October 10, 2008

Larry King Jr.

It's a circus in New York this morning -- literally. The Diesel store in Union Square is celebrating its birthday with a veritable sideshow including seven foot tall, mohawked drag queen, a bearded lady, and a dwarf in top hat and tails. Festivities conclude tomorrow night with a concert featuring Chaka Khan and M. I. A. I'll be there, unless I can figure out a way to trade tickets for Taco Bell.

Saw Michael Imperioli last night on Sixth Avenue. You know that wacky facial he sports in Life on Mars? Real! In the seventies, evidently, dudes were just a leather vest and a Stetson away from being Jesse James.

If you're within fifty miles of New York City, get your ass to Banksy's fake pet store. Sheer brilliance. Animated chicken McNuggets pecking for sauce, leopard skin coat lounging lazily in a tree, makeup-caked white rabbit preening in front of a mirror. See it all here. They're not selling anything, so at least in that way they're like every other store in New York.

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