Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Wondering

Jesus, have people still not spent their stimulus checks? C'mon, folks -- buy yourselves a freakin' iPod already.

SALMA HAYAK: Traditional German garb? Why the hell would I want to wear traditional German garb?

PRODUCER: Eet makes zee boobies look like Casava melons.

SALMA HAYAK: Who vants zee pretzel?

Whoa. And I thought I wrote threatening letters to Santa.

According to the New York Press, on the day the stock market fell a record 700 points, the gay hook-up site ManHunt saw a record number of new members.

Well, at least it'd take your mind off watching your 401K go down.

(Via Queerty)

I took this picture of my sister last night.

I didn't realize my zipper was down.

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