Thursday, October 2, 2008

An adult movie studio is filming a full-length feature roughly based on Sarah Palin's life. I got a chance to see a rough cut of the movie, and was surprised at the changes they've made for the silver screen.

-- Character name? Shara Naillin.

-- Sarah doesn't just scream "Holy Jesus!" in church.

-- Her running mate? Jawin MaVein.

-- In the movie, there's not a lot of fanfare surrounding the Governor's Balls.

-- She follows her husband to an alternative party where Chillary Flinton pulls her keys out of a bowl.

-- The fictional Sarah sure does get the Bush Doctrine.

-- When a TV newsman catches her misspeaking, she's not just bound by term limits.

-- When Putin pokes his head into her airspace, he really pokes his head into her airspace.

-- In the porno version, a guy named Moose shoots at her.

-- In real life she's behind in major polls. In the film it's the other way around.

(Thanks George!)


R J Keefe said...

Ha! (God bless our man in Hollywood.)

David said...

The third from the last wins.

1904 said...

The Obama look-alike casting call was HUGE. I'm just warning you. In case they need a fluffer.

RomanHans said...

Made it #1 just for you, David.

And 1904, I'm holding out to be a porn Abe Lincoln. Rather than father of our country, though, I'm thinking I'll make him more of a gay uncle.