Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's not just ABC's Housewives that are desperate: their executives are too. The network ranks roughly sixteenth in the ratings, just below Hulu, YouTube, and a potted geranium, so they're working hard to devise fresh new shows to brighten the airwaves this fall.

Interested in a 21st century view of masculinity? Tune in elsewhere. Balancing the Housewives' estrogen is a steaming cow pat of manliness torn straight out of 1972, when a man only left his cave to hang out with his drum circle. Don't believe me? Which of these plot summaries describes a show currently in development, and which did I make up?

I've got very bad news. Look for them all on ABC.


jeesau said...

Oh dear god, no. I thought for sure the Tim Allen one was fake. Sigh...

RomanHans said...

They're bringing Jenna Elfman back too. I was going to save that bulletin until tomorrow but it's like sitting on a powder keg.