Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Soap Opera Time Line

1973: All My Children: Fertility doctor Greg Madden takes Erica Cane's fetus and implants it into his own wife.

1991: The Young and the Restless: David Kimble tells his plastic surgeon to make him look like David Hasselhoff, but instead the doctor carves the word KILLER! into his forehead.

1995: Days of Our Lives: Satanic possession turns Marlena into a panther.

1998: Guiding Light: Michael clones Reva, fearing she is dead, but she isn't -- and she takes her clone hostage!

2002: Passions: The witch Tabitha animates her doll Timmy, then Angel Girl turns him into an actual boy.

2009: One Life to Live: Patricia Mauceri refuses to play an "unbelievable" scene where her character, a Latina mother, is gay-supportive.

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