Friday, September 4, 2009

Discovery #1: If you try to save water by eating all your meals in restaurants, people may say you're mentally impaired.

Discovery #2: If you proudly declare that you always buy green cleaning products -- but let your maid buy whatever she wants -- people might call you an idiot.

Discovery #3: If you proclaim that driving a car is bad for the environment so you start taking taxis wherever you need to go, people will call you a hypocrite.

Well, the blitz is beginning. The book comes out this week, followed by the movie. Honestly, this dude's hurt our cause more than helped it. He says "guilty liberal," but in reality he means "idiot." He'd have helped our side more if he'd bitchslapped a pregnant panhandler and then wrote a book called My Life As A Plain Old Right-Wing Conservative.

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