Friday, February 19, 2010

Major Rap Star Frightened by Wizened Old Man's "Vulcan Grip"

Responding to charges that he attacked 72-year-old presidential candidate and grandpa Mitt Romney, rapper Sky Blu released a video today stating he was the victim. Blu sat in front of Romney on a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and reclined his seat before takeoff -- which, as every flyer knows, is strictly forbidden. Mr. Romney "loudly" told him, "Sir, sir, put your seat up," before reaching forward and grabbing his shoulder.

Gordy says in the video that he punched Romney in response to his "condor grip," as a sidekick play-acts the scene and adds: "Vulcan grip."

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Yet Another Steve said...

Sounds like the kid's the one who needs to get a grip. And a clue. And a nanny.