Friday, February 5, 2010

Action Alert

Dear Super Bowl Sponsor,

During this Sunday's Super Bowl, CBS plans to run a commercial paid for by a Christian extremist group called Focus on the Family. This commercial will celebrate the far-right religious beliefs of Pam Tebow, the mother of Tim Tebow, a devoutly-religious football player who apparently hasn't noticed the Bible's proclamations against touching pigskin.

In this commercial, Ms. Tebow will tell the story about how, while she was in the Philippines and pregnant, she became ill. Her doctor said the medication she needed would harm her fetus, and he advised her to abort it. She refused . . . and today that fetus is world-renowned for flinging footballs across grassy fields.

It's a heartwarming story, and it's unfortunate that Ms. Tebow apparently made it up. The Center for Reproductive Rights has declared Ms. Tebow a liar, because abortion has always been illegal in the Philippines, and a doctor would be imprisoned for recommending one.

In the past, CBS has refused to run ads for gay businesses with the excuse that they are controversial. Somehow, though, this far-right proselytizing has slipped through the cracks.

Since CBS refuses to pull the ad, you must pull yours.

We will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, because if you give CBS your support, we cannot give you ours.



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a. harrison said...

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Anonymous said...

Of course, your side of the debate can mention that proxecution is rare there (refuting your claim the law is real deterrent), that 20 percent of abortions there are done by doctors (refuting your accusation the Tebows are lying on grounds no doctor would perform one, much less recommend it), that there is loophole, as recognized by the UN, that allows for abortion in the case of mother's life in danger.

But then again it would take away and debunk your made claims the Tebows lie. So your admit those facts.



Yet Another Steve said...

"Anonymous" accuses you of hiding facts. Ironic, ain't it?

RomanHans said...

Well, Anonymous is hiding the end of that URL, so we're even, huh?

Rather than debate pesky facts, let's re-enact how that scene must have run some twenty-odd years ago:

DOCTOR: Mrs. Tebow! What a pleasure to see you. We don't often have rich white foreigners here who came to our country specifically to convert us heathens. Unfortunately, I have bad news: the medication you need will harm your fetus.

MRS. TEBOW: Tell me it's not true!

DOCTOR: I'm afraid it is. (Pause.) Tell you what: you lie down and I'll kill that goddamn baby.