Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The New York Times throws major shade in a piece about Young Frankenstein closing. First they spell out for Robert Sillerman, Mel Brook's producing partner, every way he screwed up. He opened in an enormous theater. He charged too much for tickets. He bragged about the show.

They repeatedly point out how nobody wanted the show to survive: not theater people, not the tourism industry, not ticket brokers.

Mr. Sillerman is apologetic. He says he learned his lesson. He says despite his mistakes the show will break even. "But he also said that because 'Young Frankenstein' cost one and a half times more than 'The Producers,' it would take the show that much longer to earn back its investment, which would seem to put the recoupment date beyond its Jan. 4 close."

Zing! That's for serving watered-down gin-and-tonics at the snack bar, asswipe.

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