Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday News Round-Up

The National Enquirer has published photographs supposedly showing Cindy McCain making out with a mystery man at a Moody Blues concert in Tempe, Arizona.

I am absolutely disgusted. Have they no shame? They should have scurried away and hid their faces after "Nights in White Satin" came out.

(Via Gawker)

Last night on the Tonight Show, John McCain refused to blame Sarah Palin for losing the White House.

Aside from poking fun at his own gruff personality, Mr. McCain declined to speculate on why he lost the election.

Although he did add that now he can see the dump from his house.

Some pundits are speculating that The Cosby Show helped Barack Obama win the presidency. According to the so-called "Huxtable effect," the repeated presentation of an appealing black family to television viewers lessened any reservations they might have felt.

Not quite as strong? The "Mr. Roper" effect.

An artwork of sponges stuck to canvas sold for more than $21 million Tuesday. Yves Klein's ''Archisponge (RE 11)'' was the top seller at Sotheby's contemporary art auction in Manhattan. The work is considered by some the most important in Klein's Relief Eponge series.

The least important work in the series is currently living in a pineapple under the sea.

A Turkish city called Batman is suing Warner Bros for copyright infringement. "There is only one Batman in the world," the city's mayor declared. "The American producers used the name of our city without informing us."

If they win their lawsuit, experts say this could pave the way for Silver Surfer, Wyoming.

According to the latest Star Magazine, Tom Cruise spent $7,000 to add a gym to his family's Manhattan apartment including trampolines, a balance beam and tumbling mats, because his two-year-old daughter Suri is such an amazing gymnast he's convinced she'll make the Olympics.

Our guess? She'll take the gold in 2018 for synchronized snorting.


David said...

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!

Jamie said...

Chevy Chase, MD, is in for a huge surprise!