Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last night Lexus held another Darker Side of Green party to alert the world to the dangers posed by climate change. For a political event, it was about as close to heaven as you can get, with stars like the gorgeous Liev Schreiber, Ewan McGregor, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs djing, and free-flowing Patron tequila on a spacious, handsome terrace at the Bowery Hotel.

The brilliant Tracy Morgan moderated a short debate between Rolling Stone's executive editor, Eric Bates, and climate change skeptic Lord Monckton of Scotland. As always, the liberal was earnest and boring, and the conservative was crazy fun. Naturally, the conservative's argument didn't hold up to third-grade thought.

Lord Monckton made two main points. The first is that the U. N.'s model of climate change doesn't accurately reflect reality, so it can't be believed. Apparently the U. N. has an equation linking temperature change to CO2 levels, but temperature is increasing only one-third as fast as it predicts. Sure, that'll raise a question or two, but it doesn't justify Lord Monckton's conclusion that the whole thing is crap.

His second point was that consensus doesn't mean anything, and he quoted Aristotle. Sure, if 63% of the world believes in fairies, it doesn't mean they exist. But he implied that if every environmental scientist comes to the same conclusion, that consensus should be tossed out too. Somehow they should be viewed with as much skepticism as that posse that wanders your town looking for the chupacabra that killed somebody's dog.

Anyway, both sides agreed on one thing: we're all going to be fried very soon. The left thinks we should do something, though, while the right doesn't want to risk the cash.

Thanks to Lexus and Patron for another great night. I don't think anybody would deny that as the world heats up, we'll all need sturdy cars and strong tequila.

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