Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Answering the Question in My Mind, Thank You

From Metro NY:

INTERVIEWER: What is the hardest thing to deal with night after night as an inebriated [Tallulah] Bankhead [in the Broadway show "Looped"]?

VALERIE HARPER: I'm going to say the amount of laughs and the size of the laughs. They are howling! Rolling in the aisles! But you know, you have to keep acting: you have to stay as if you're still in the studio.


Yet Another Steve said...

Hey! Speaking of things like that, whatever happened to the Dorian Grey Apple Doll?

RomanHans said...

I'll have you know it's a Mick Jagger apple doll, sir! You'll be happy to know it survived the move just fine, and currently it's waiting for another opportunity to rear its little head.