Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yesterday on the Alan Colmes radio program, anti-gay minister Scott Lively tried to downplay his role in Uganda's pogrom against homosexuals.

"I suggested they liberalize the law, not to make it more [harsh]," Lively tells Colmes. "What's the gay agenda in Uganda? It's the attempt to homosexualize the country like they did in so many other countries. . . . To change the moral foundation of the society, away from a marriage-based culture, to one of sexual anarchy."

"Uganda was never like that," Colmes replies. "In fact, gays were never accepted in Uganda, why would there be any thought that Uganda would homosexuality the country?"

The truly smart person seizes every opportunity to learn something new, and despite the fact this exchange sounds ridiculously stupid, we can still learn something new here.

PRESENT SIMPLE: I homosexuality.
PRESENT CONTINUOUS: I am homosexualitying.
PRESENT PERFECT: I have homosexualitied.
IMPERFECT: I used to homosexualize.
PAST CONTINUOUS: I was homosexifying.
PAST TENSE: I homosexualified.
FUTURE: I shall homosexualiate.
FUTURE PERFECT: I shall have homosexualiated.
PROGRESSIVE INFINITIVE: I am known to be homosexualifizing.
PERFECT INFINITIVE: I have certainly homosexualificated.

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