Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Ugh," groaned Bulging Bradley as he and his pal wandered into Steroids & Such. "Strawberry this, chocolate that. I can bench-press to total muscular collapse, but if I have to suck down one more bland-tasting supplement I'll scream."

"I know what you mean," croaked his good friend Hardcore Henry. "Sure, I can pull a school bus with a rope tied to my eyes, but my palate cries out for something more."

"Maybe I can help," said clerk Kassaday, who'd been standing nearby. "Times have changed, and now there are literally hundreds of flavors of nutrional supplements for extreme bodybuilders like yourselves. In fact, I'll bet you can't tell which of the following are flavors of nutritional supplements and which are Bonne Bell Lip Smackers for tweens."

Bradley and Henry concentrated until their necks showed muscle-ripping vascularity, but they never got them all right. Can you?

(1) Caramel Latté
(2) Bubble Gum
(3) Kiwi Strawberry
(4) Cookie Dough
(5) Cotton Candy
(6) Cake Batter
(7) Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade
(8) Egg Nog
(9) Brownie Batter
(10) Cinnamon Bun
(11) Banana Berry
(12) Cranberry Grapefruit
(13) Cookie & Creme
(14) Grape Crush
(15) Banana Scream
(16) Slammin' Strawberry Kiwi
(17) Orange Creamation
(18) Sucker Punch


(1) Syntha-6 muscle protein beverage
(3) Bullnox Androrush chewies
(5) Methyl Mass supplement, also a Lip Smacker flavor
(6), (8), (9), and (10): Muscle Milk nutritional shakes
(12) Big Boom carb supplement
(13) Oh Yeah! nutritional shakes
(15) Champion Whey pure whey protein stack
(17) and (18): Hemo Rage "Pre-workout detonator"

All the rest are Lip Smacker flavors. Me, I'm a Baja Fruit kind of guy.

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David said...

That's just fucked up.