Friday, August 15, 2008

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Julia Child

Yesterday the press leaked the news that Julia Child served as an undercover agent for the U. S. during the Second World War. Here are a few of the details they didn't reveal.

1. Her code number was EVOO7.

2. Before she killed somebody, she said, "Bon appetit, suckah!"

3. Once she killed a spy with a Ginsu knife and then sliced a tomato afterward.

4. Her code name was Blanche du Beans.

5. When she grilled a suspect, she really grilled a suspect.

6. Once she killed a double agent with buttercream frosting and then licked the spoon afterward.

7. She brought a lovely mint sauce to the Bay of Pigs.

8. Her favorite way to kill? Smothering guys with onions and gravy.

9. Once she fricasseed a lobster just to watch it die.

10. Every time she went to FBI headquarters, the security guards would say, "You're looking particularly lovely today, Mr. Hoover."

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R J Keefe said...

C'est marrant, ├ža!