Tuesday, May 10, 2011

XL Recordings is a prestigious London-based record label that's home to acts like Vampire Weekend, M.I.A., Adele, and the White Stripes. According to their website, they "work with the most original and inventive artists possible, regardless of genre, and help them take their music to the widest possible audience -- without compromise. . . . And whilst XL seems to re-invent itself every few years around its roster, one thing that remains constant is that XL is 100% independent, continuing a great tradition of non-corporate record label culture."

When we compare and contrast the thoughts of two of their more established artists, Radiohead and sigur rós, with tweets from newcomer Tyler the Creator -- recipient of a rave in Sunday's New York Times, whose Goblin drops today -- we can see that great tradition is in no danger of fading any time soon.

On artistic identity:
Radiohead: "We write pop songs."
sigur rós: "We are not a band, we are music."
Tyler: "I'm A Rapper Who Faggots Like You Tweet At Because You Have No Talent Or Anything Going For Yourself."

Pop culture:
Radiohead: "All Britain ever does is take American culture and sell it back to America again."
sigur rós: "pop culture is like fast food. you feed on garbage and in the end you settle for it."
Tyler: "Just Walked Into Abercrombie With My Sister Cause She Wants A Shirt. It Smells Like Faggot In Here."

Personal interests:
Radiohead: "I was a dad. I am a dad. I was being a dad."
sigur rós: "Every time we travel we visit flea markets."
Tyler: "Went To A Skatepark Out Here, But Couldn't Skate Cause These Faggot Photographers And Journalist Were Annoying Me."

Illegal downloading:
Radiohead: "When the corporate industry dies it will be no great loss to the world."
sigur rós: "i think the music industry has to take a bit more control"

Problems Touring?:
Radiohead: "Everything that's happened after Glastonbury has been a let down."
sigur rós: "we do get homesick. it's so awesome to do concerts though."
Tyler: "This Faggot Nigga Just Kicked Us Out Of Coachella"

Unexpected difficulties within the industry:
Radiohead: "There's no corporate ethic. All [major labels are] like that. Stupid little boys' games-- especially really high up."
sigur rós: "we always have to be photographed in front of a geyser. its such a cliche."
Tyler: "Might Change My Twitter Name Cause Some Faggot Made A Website Named After It"

Advice to young people:
Radiohead: "Do it now while you're young, while it is clear in your mind."
sigur rós: "you never know what will happen"
Tyler: "I Said Fuck Faggot College And Followed My 'Dreams'. That Shit Sounds So Corny But Nigga I Got My Own Fucking Label Now! What The Fuck!!!"

Closing notes:
Radiohead: "It's maybe a good thing to try to make music that feels reassuring in some ways."
sigur rós: "inspiration is everywhere and nowhere."
Tyler: "O No! its A Dyke! Ahhhhhh Run!"

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