Thursday, May 29, 2008

According to the latest Star magazine, lovebirds Rihanna and Chris Brown "sing to each other all the time."

In fact, just this morning they sang "Did you use up all the Prell-a, ella, ella?" and "I think I might have Rubella, ella, ella."

Tony Soprano's blue boxer shorts are being auctioned by Christie's next month, and are expected to fetch $500.

You know a gay man is going to buy these things. And if there's so much as a single pube on them, there'll be more shooting than they had on the show.

Two monkeys had sensors implanted in their brains and their arms tied behind their backs to see if they could learn to control a mechanical arm using just their thoughts, a new study shows.

The monkeys eventually learned to feed themselves with the arm, after they spent eight days flipping off the scientists.

La Scala, the Italian opera house, has commissioned Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth to be turned into an opera.

You know how at the end of Tosca the title character jumps off a building? At the end of Inconvenient Truth: The Opera the entire audience does.


Yet Another Steve said...

Just when you thought things couldn't get any tackier, the venerable Christie's auctions off some fat guy's used underpants. Someone will buy them! Someone might even get OFF with them! The Wicked Witch was right -- whatta world, whatta world.

RomanHans said...

Hey, I think Gandolfini is hot, though in a perfect world he'd be thirty pounds lighter and a member of the Hair Club for Men. Never thought, as you say, an auction house would sell used underwear. Seems more like a Bloomingdales kind of thing.