Friday, May 2, 2008

Explaining a Story to Gawker

What the hell; Gawker gets eighty million viewers a day for nitpicking at details, so I'd might as well pick back.

SCENE: A gay man is in line to get tickets for a Madonna concert.

QUOTE: "Gays don't camp out, but we'll camp out for this."

GAWKER'S TRANSLATION: "Gays don't camp out [for tickets], but we'll camp out for this."

THE TRUTH, FROM THE MOUTH OF A GAY: "Gays don't camp out [in the woods, where there are mosquitos and mountain lions and people eat fried bologna for breakfast], but we'll camp out [on a street in New York beneath our mohair Jack Spade blankets] for this."

(Meanwhile, I love camping -- and I don't just mean pitching a tent around bears.)

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