Monday, May 5, 2008

Career Guidance From Cointreau

Every night across Manhattan there are dozens of parties thrown by liquor companies to introduce their products to hipsters. Last week Cointreau hosted a party featuring the company’s new spokesmodel, the retro-glam burlesque performer (and Marilyn Manson ex) Dita von Teese, clad in designer lingerie and splashing around inside a giant martini glass.

“Cointreau is a brand that’s 160 years old,” said St├ęphanie Fasquelle, the company’s marketing director. “It needed to be refreshed. We have a claim: ‘Be Cointreauversial.’ Dita represents that. This is a brand that’s especially appreciated by women, and Dita is very aspirational for women.”

In fact, that's the first thing high school career counselors suggest for New York girls: "How about if you become a stripper, then marry a rock star and get piles of alimony when you divorce?"

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Yet Another Steve said...

I just can't wrap my brain around "Dita is very aspirational for women." What, she wants them? They want her? She takes their breath away / helps them breathe? Sucks something (the life, maybe?) out of them? Perhaps the Cointreau lady should finish her copywriting before celebrating with her company's product.