Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Songwriter's Corner: "I Heard Your Voice In A Dream"

They say love is a wondrous island
but I'd always been floating downstream.
The current had just pulled me under
then I heard your voice in a dream.

You said, "I took a bus to Sea World
and a dolphin gave me a massage.
Then I chased a chicken burrito
into Simon LeBon's garage."

They say true love gives you shelter
and protects you with roof, floor and beam.
I thought I'd always be homeless
then I heard your voice in a dream.

You said, "I jumped off of the White House
using string cheese for my bungee cord.
Then I lost a fight to a piece of chalk
that rubbed me against a blackboard."

When warm spring turns into cold winter
and our bodies give way to time's schemes.
I know that no matter what happens
I'll always hear your voice in my dreams.

You'll say, "I saw a Nazi vampire
throwing tangerines at a T. Rex.
Then I got married to a rainbow
that shat gumdrops when we had sex."

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