Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Should you ask your doctor about Barugon? I don't know: is he interested in monsters that can launch a rainbow ray that vaporizes steel on contact? Should you run screaming if you see Pradaxa coming at you? Definitely yes, if you're afraid of drugs that prevent blood clots.

For some reason sci-fi and pharmaceutical marketing have marked the same territory: choosing vowel-rich, weirdly-consonanted words for their names. See if you can tell which of the following are monsters and which are pharmaceuticals.

(a) Lovaza
(b) Dogora
(c) Gorgo
(d) Tarceva
(e) Mothra
(f) Humira
(g) Ghidorah
(h) Gilenya
(i) Atragon
(j) Matango
(k) Gammagard
(l) Gilenya
(m) Hedorah
(n) Zyprexa
(o) Pulgasari
(p) Xeloda
(q) Garuda
(r) Negadon
(s) Nasonex
(t) Gamera
(u) Celebrex
(v) Nuvaring

ANSWERS: a, d, f, h, k, l, n, p, s, u and v are drugs. b, c, e, g, i, j, m, q, r and t are monsters. If you got ten or more correct, congratulations! You're either a teenaged boy or a hypochondriac.

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