Friday, March 15, 2013

New York Real Estate Licensing Test

1. How would you describe this room?

a. "A perfect example of the havoc drunk construction workers can wreak"

b. "A damp basement for short people who don't mind wearing hardhats 24/7"

c. "A large recreation area"

2. How would you describe this outdoor space?

a. "An expanse of cement and dirt just perfect for whatever you're dumping"

b. "Where green plastic slats and cyclone fencing meet rotting old wood"

c. "A peaceful large garden"

3. How would you describe the apartment as a whole?

a. "Put your workout bench just outside the security bars and it's like you never left Rikers"

b. "I promise you, it'll look brilliant when you bring your stackable plastic chairs"

c. "Beautiful and filled with light"

ANSWERS: Give yourself 1 point for every (a) answer, 3 points for every (b), and 5 points for every (c). If you scored ten or above, like the person who wrote this ad, call your local Corcoran office, because they're looking for somebody just like you. If your score is 5 or under, welcome to New York!


Yet Another Steve said...

I love this more than beer.

RomanHans said...

I've been apartment hunting, and one of my requirements is a backyard. Didn't realize I'd have to confirm with the landlords that there are actually dirt and living plants there.