Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

What is Lifestyle Lift? Lifestyle Lift is a radical new way of making you look years younger. The recovery time is far shorter than with a traditional facelift. It's much less expensive than a traditional facelift. We'll bring back your jawline, address wrinkles, and create a more youthful appearance. Are we talking surgery or just hoisting up your saggy flesh with duct tape? Try to figure it out from what our satisfied customers have to say.

Listen to this testimony from Linda M:

The minute I woke up from surgery I was speechless. I thought my face looked good, but I wasn't expecting a new hairstyle. I was like, "What's up with that? What did you do to my hair?" And they were all, "Isn't it pretty? It's so flattering. You should leave it this way for the rest of your life."

Brenda K absolutely raves about it:

They brought me a mirror and I could barely see my face. My hair was five times bigger than before. I could see my eyes and part of my nose but that was it. The assistant said the swelling would go down in three to six weeks, and I said, "You mean my face or my hair?"

It changed Carol C's life:

I was in the recovery room when a friend came to visit. She was astonished. Naturally she was all questions: Was it expensive? Did it hurt? Had I been driving backwards in a convertible? Had I dunked my face in a tidepool?

Margo G has nothing but praise:

I thought my face looked pretty good, but I really love this new hairstyle. I think it's fun and flirty and fits my personality. I started playing with it but they they kept hitting my hands and saying, "Don't look there! Don't look! MOVE YOUR GODDAMN HANDS AWAY."

Clarissa A has nothing but praise:

My grandkids kept staring at my enormous hair and asking if I kept stuff in it. Finally one day I told them the Easter Bunny lives up there. Well, they started poking and prodding at it, and then suddenly little Kayley gets this big grin on her face and she says, "I just saw his asshole!"

If you're interested in looking younger and more vital, call today to find out if Lifestyle Lift is right for you. With Lifestyle Lift you can say goodbye to aging, say hello to a fresh new face, and toss all those earrings away.

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jeesau said...

Brilliant, Hans! I have always been curious about Lifestyle Lift. Now I know the secret!