Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two gay men in Plano, Texas claim they were asked to leave a bowling alley because they are gay.

Boyfriends Alberto Lesmes and Chad Hemp were bowling at Main Event Entertainment when they realized their lane was broken. They were moved elsewhere, but when a kid nearby kept bowling in their lane they raised another fuss.

According to Main Event CEO Charlie Keegan, the guys didn't ask for somebody to keep an eye on the idiot kid. They didn't ask somebody to smack the kid's parents in the head. No, they asked for a lane with "privacy."

Management refused, and the guys left. Now they're mad.

Call me crazy, but I'm siding with management. I mean, we gays don't go to a bowling alley for privacy: we go to Celine Dion concerts for that. Then again, there's nothing like a seven-year-old girl throwing a twenty-pound ball around that'll make you want to be alone.

On the other hand, maybe the CEO was insinuating that these guys wanted to do lewd acts, like we homosexuals do in places where there's alcohol and scorecards. In that case, I'm on the gay men's side. I don't see anything wrong with asking the owner if he has a lane or two downstairs, or around the corner, or maybe hidden behind a potted plant where my partner and I can take advantage of all the slick surfaces and chalk. Is that so wrong? I mean, sometimes you just want to fuck, and air hockey tables are so small.

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