Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sigh. Everybody at Jezebel is freaking out today about "slut shaming," where women are criticized for being sexual in a way that gets men high-fived. Today they're totally up in arms about a photo that clearly shows how societal constraints manifest themselves in women's skirts:

Look! That's what your skirt length says about you. According to our prudish, patriarchal society, there are maybe two acceptable lengths for skirts and everything else marks you as either a dowdy spinster or a whore.

Naturally, everyone is outraged. "This crap has got to stop!" Jezebel fumes. It doesn't dampen the outrage when someone points out that this photo is a political artwork created by a feminist artist rather than an actual fashion dictate from some backwoods Dear Abby. It's just so true! Isn't it awful? Oh, poor women!!! I don't think there's anybody sadder.

Oh, except for dudes.

Me, I don't give a crap. Count me in with the short-short fans! I don't think Harvey Levin's ever looked so good.

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