Friday, September 21, 2012

Sigh. It's true what they say about giving: you get so much more in return. Take the Chase Community Giving campaign. People voted on Facebook for their favorite charities, with the top 200 receiving a total of $5 million in grants.

Well, the winners were announced today, and it's totally heartwarming. Weighing heavily on the list are probably 147 animal rescue organizations, but the National Novel Writing Club will also be getting a hefty paycheck and three or four marching bands will be getting new uniforms.

Sure, it would have been nice if the Ali Forney Center had gotten a dollar or two to help them provide services and shelter for LGBT youth who have been rejected by their families, but with just 662 votes they didn't make the top 200. Still, it warms my heart knowing that $40,000 is headed towards restoring a rundown castle and keeping pigs in slop.


Yet Another Steve said...

Had I but known! You have to alert us to these things, especially those of us who just sit around blowing soap bubbles all day.

RomanHans said...

Honestly, it was a public service not alerting you. This all took place on Facebook, which means to vote you had to give Chase Bank's app permission to do everything short of bang your mom.