Friday, September 21, 2012

Jane Seymour's Open Heart jewelry collection, originally available at Zale's starting at $139.99, is being liquidated online from just $24.

According to Ms. Seymour, the design is meaningful on many levels. It symbolizes the idea that if one's heart is open, it will never stay broken. It shows that two people can become one while still retaining their individuality.

Additionally, Jane says the hearts are also a stylized version of the female form.

I got one in silver and one in black. Jane nearly had me at love's eternal triumph in merging two souls into one, but clinched it with the boobs and butt.


Anonymous said...

You show the open heart necklace i've been looking for and it's on clearance online. Question is where is the website you can order it from.

Anonymous said...

LOLZ I CANNOT be the only person that sees a set of testicles hanging down???