Monday, January 20, 2014

Gift Ideas From The Bradford Exchange

For Your Son:

"Protection And Strength For My Son" Sapphire Pendant Necklace

As you watch your son grow into manhood, remind him that God will always be there to protect him as he blazes his own trail to help build a bright new world.

Also For Your Son:

"Forge Your Own Path, My Son" Glow-In-The-Dark Watch

Share your hopes and dreams with your son as he makes his way in the world and leaves an unforgettable mark on society. The world will truly be putty in his hands, eager to see what changes he has in store. Show him you believe in him with this intriguing metal-look watch.

For Your Daughter:

"Everybody Has Different Ideas Of Pretty" Silver-Tone Bracelet

Show your cherished daughter that even unconventionally attractive women are beloved in God's eyes, though good luck finding one in a painting. Each shiny link of this bracelet is engraved with features that God often gives his most beloved children, despite the fact people frequently flinch when they see them. Included are "Frizzy hair," "Bony shoulders," "Child-bearing hips," and "Flat ass." Accompanied by a metal-look disc engraved calligraphy style with the poem, "God Only Gave You Gangly Arms So You'd Have More To Hold Him."

Also For Your Daughter:

"Just Lay There And Hope For The Best" Music Box

Let your beloved daughter know you're nearly convinced she'll eventually snag a man. Any young woman would take comfort in reading the inspirational poem on this crystal-like keepsake entitled "Someone To Take You Off My Hands." Even if she never does marry, she'll take comfort in remembering that most of her relatives really thought she had a shot. Plays "Hey There Lonely Girl."

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