Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm a huge fan of Max Garcia's Between the Lines, a comic strip that runs daily in the New York Daily News. I mean, just when you think you've seen the last of Princess Leia running around with cinnamon buns on her ears, there she goes again. His remarkable teenaged brain runs the gamut from Batman references to Superman references. (His farts have gotta be epic, amirite?) Count on Mr. Garcia to reinforce all the best gender stereotypes, whether it's the wimpy tattoo artist who's going to get creamed by a hunky bruiser for tattooing GREG instead of MEG on his arm or how all those bitchy dildo-wielding women dump us nice guys for being shrimps downstairs.

Today, though, Max goes above and beyond. He wisely waited a few minutes until domestic violence faded from the headlines to print this hysterical strip. A man sees a cow wearing a skirt and decides to kill it with an axe. Because sometimes you just want to kill a female cow with an axe. Is the cow heading to a local boutique? Waiting for a bus? We'll never know. And she'll never see that axe coming either! Ha!

Anyway, I had to share it because I enjoyed it so much. Skirt steak! Such a great turn of phrase: it's gotta be what frat boys call sorority sisters before they drug their drinks. On his Facebook page Mr. Garcia says, there's "[n]o such thing as bad publicity," so I'm hoping, like his dead skirt-wearing cow, he'll be in heaven today.

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