Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“We shall creep out quietly into the butler's pantry --" cried the Mole.

"-- with our pistols and swords and sticks--" shouted Mystique.

"-- and rush in upon them," said Badger.

"-- and whack 'em, and whack 'em, and whack 'em!" cried Wolverine in ecstasy, running round and round the room, and jumping over the chairs.

Wait. I didn't get X-Men mixed up with Wind in the Willows, did I? That doesn't seem possible. I mean, one is an exciting, cutting-edge adult graphic novel about superheroes and one is a creaky old folk tale aimed at either children or dimwits.

Well, I'm not proud: I plead stupidity. Unless you're aiming for a similar fate, see if you can separate the two.

(a) Otter
(b) Beast
(c) Wolverine
(d) Mole
(e) Badger
(f) Sunspot
(g) Magneto
(h) Ratty
(i) Mystique
(j) Portly
(k) Chief Weasel
(l) Toad
(m) Wayfarer
(n) Congressman Parker

ANSWERS: (a), (d), (e), (h), (j), (k) and (m) are from Wind in the Willows. (b), (c), (f), (g), (i), and (n) are in X-Men. (l) is in both.

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