Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dreamworks, Sony Rave About, Love Hiring The Heterosexual Filmmakers At B. Y. U.

“Honestly,” says Marilyn Friedman, the former head of outreach at DreamWorks, who visited B.Y.U. frequently, “the first few times I went to Provo, I was like: What am I doing here? I’m a little Jewish girl from back East. But I was just amazed by how absolutely lovely those kids are. They couldn’t be nicer, humbler, more respectful. It’s a pleasure. And when they come [to work at DreamWorks], they stay that way.”

The little Jewish girl doesn't say a word about the honor code these absolutely lovely kids have to sign promising they won't engage in the "homosexual behavior" that makes God smite us fags. But gays don't do animation, right? They just decide what the princesses wear.

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