Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm not a fan of The Great Gatsby. Not the book -- the title. I mean, a book's title is supposed to capture the reader's imagination while hinting at the vast possibilities of excitement or intrigue. What's F. Scott Fitzgerald given us? The. Adjective. Alliterative Name.

Wow. Brilliance. Great American Novel. I'm just sorry he died before he could write the sequels.

  • The Groovy Gottfurcht
  • The Winsome Woodcock
  • The Territorial Trickle
  • The Crackerjack Coutlangus
  • The Waspish Wilcox
  • The Methodical McCracken
  • The Disobedient Dumfart
  • The Theatergoing Titcombe
  • The Five-Star Felcher
  • The Celtic Cooter

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