Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anthony Weiner's Health Care Sexts

Really, baby? Your wish is my command. Let's talk health care.

I can see you don't need vision care coverage because, honey, you are a vision.

This specialist is gonna send you completely out of network.

Don't think about what's out of pocket: concentrate on what's out of pants.

My single-payer health care plan covers outpatients too. If I slip out, baby, have some patience.

You prefer an HMO? That's fiiiine, baby. You give me a HM and I'll give you one motherfuckin' O.

Maybe I can't be your PCP, but I can be your PNS.

Nobody's gonna need COBRA with the snake I got right here.

I'll even give you a free periodic health exam.

Yeah, baby -- you're having your period.

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