Friday, June 22, 2012

I can't wait to see the newest Woody Allen film, To Rome With Love. It sounds unlike anything he's ever done. Lots of rich white people with piddling little problems? Laugh riot! A milquetoasty married guy who realizes he's too good for his ball-and-chain wife? Brilliant! A gorgeous whore who loves being subservient to unattractive men? Genius!

The crème de la crème, though, sounds like the funeral director who's an amazing singer -- but only in the shower! Is that hysterical? He actually takes to the opera circuit in a portable tub. You don't need to brave the cineplex to see that inspired bit, though: thanks to your friends at World Class Stupid, here's an exclusive sneak peek.


jeesau said...

A thousand thank yous... that made my day!

RomanHans said...

I have it on good authority Woody's next film will have dinosaurs that do household chores and a flying, wisecracking Martian.