Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dude Who Sings "Your Teeth Are Breaking Loose/Crushed And Splintering Into Your Mouth/Like Broken Glass" Endorses Rick Santorum For President

Dave Mustaine, lead singer of heavy metal band Megadeth, has endorsed Rick Santorum for president.

The man who wrote the lyrics "Prince of darkness, your satanic highness/Prince of darkness, the most beautiful angel" said he was impressed by the former Pennsylvania senator's decision to cancel campaign events and visit his sick 3-year-old daughter in the hospital.

"I think Santorum has some presidential qualities," said the writer of "As the demons take their fill/An orgy's taking place/Human blood will spill." "And I'm hoping that if it does come down to it, we'll see a Republican in the White House . . . and that it's Rick Santorum."

Santorum is rather controversial in some circles, due to his suggestion that homosexuals should be regulated like child molesters, that legalizing gay marriage would pave the way for people to marry home appliances, and that children would be better off having jailed parents than gay ones.

Still, that doesn't bother Dave Mustaine. Taxes and regulations regarding "what you can say and what you can't say" have stifled creativity, and only Rick Santorum can help, declares the writer of Headcrusher, which goes "Death from Head crusher! Head crusher! Death from Head crusher! Wow!"

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Yet Another Steve said...

Ooh, santorum AND broken glass up America's ass. Just what the electorate wants.