Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hollywood Figures Out What To Do With A Really Talented Singer Who's 45


Yet Another Steve said...

Since there's no link to a story, are we supposed to guess who this is about and what's going on? The back of that head doesn't look familiar to me.

RomanHans said...

Once upon a time there was a very talented songwriter named Sia. Sia was a hitmaking machine, but her voice was so pretty it made the birds jealous. She made Rihanna sound like a farting dog.

One day Sia went to her agent and said, "I like writing songs, but I want to be a singer too."

"Your voice is amazing," said her agent. "But aren't you, like, fifty? You could pass for Taylor Swift's grandma."

"I think that's a good thing," said Sia. "We can show kids that older people can be even more talented than young people."

"Or we can tell everybody that you want the focus to be on your music and you can sing with your back to the audience."

Sia thought and thought, and then her manager gave her a solid-gold Maserati. "Oh," said Sia. "Okay.