Monday, October 14, 2013

As the old saying goes, England and America are two countries divided by a common language. Most Americans who venture "across the pond" will find it bizarre to hear our ordinary, commonplace words pushed past the limits of comprehensibility. While their obfuscation can be baffling in person, it might actually prove hazardous when one is trying to decipher real British traffic signs like these.

  • You May Be Seriously Reconsidering Your Desire To Continue Forward, But You Cannot Reverse Course From This Point

  • Pray Do Not Let Your Vehicle Rest Here Immobile

  • The Thruway Ceases To Advance From This Place Due To The Failure Of A River-Crossing Abutment

  • Blemishes in the Traffic Surface Are Being Attended To For The Next Thirteen Meters

  • The Area In Which Schoolchildren Alight From Educational Vehicles Is Approaching Posthaste

  • Do Not Tarry Here Unless Your Timepiece Reads Between Teatime and Supper

  • Before You Know It The Zone In Which The Right-Most Cars Travel Will Cease To Exist

  • I Hasten To Warn You About The Upcoming Appearance of An Annoying, Biscuit-Shaped Lump of Bother Used to Regulate the Speed of Traffic

  • This Street Is Not Bi-Directional, And I'm Sorry To Say The Direction It Lacks Is Yours

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