Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The U.S. Presidency: Now Just Slightly Less Honorable Than Publisher's Clearing House


Yet Another Steve said...

Can you imagine how awful that evening is going to be? Endess Trump speeches about how great Trump is, and how Hillary "hasn't got a chance" of winning the election. Just another post-election campaign speech, ugh.

RomanHans said...

For a few bucks more you can buy your own Big Mac and not want to shoot yourself while you eat it.

I've been on the Trump mailing list since his election and have so far received 58 of these ridiculous begs for cash. It seems almost random who they're allegedly from. Sometimes the return address is "Trump Headquarters," other times "Donald J. Trump," and sometimes they're supposedly from "Eric Trump" or "Lara Trump" (her money begs always include mention of the amazing Trump grandkids, because that's what women talk about).

Exactly one, ONE said it was from Melania. Clearly Trump supporters can't get enough of those born-rich-and-stupid white folks but aren't so quick to toss their spare change at the foreign girl his money bought.